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S&M and FIT Merchandise just came in.


- FIT Neon Beanies in Yellow, Orange or Lime GreenSM and_FIT_Black_Piet_Friday
- FIT Devil T-shirts
- FiT Hunter Camo and Orange Trucker hats


- S&M Hoder grips in Brown, Pink and Black
- S&M Hoder Handlebars in Black Hoder, Hoder High and Hoder Skyhigh
- S&M 5.75" Cruiser bars, Perfect 10 bars, Race Lite bars all in Friday Piet Black
- S&M Beanies in Yellow and Black Piet Black
- S&M T-shirts in Olive and Black Piet Black

Etc etc please check our updated pricelist!


FEDERAL Beanies, jackets, hats just in time for Sinterklaas.

Federal Beanies and Jackets just came in again. Federal


TALL ORDER Merchandise and new Tire 2.35" in stock now!

Our friends from Tall Order UK shipped some nice jackets, beanies and their newest front tire in 2.35" size today.Tall Order


MERRITT Order just came in today!

MERRITT just shipped their newest stuff to Paul's Boutique BMX:IMG 0105

- New color OPTION and FOSTER Tires
- New color Crumlish grips
- New color PC Pedals
- New color GFE PEGS and SLEEVES
- New Halflink Chains
- New Battle Rims and Cranks
- New Beanies to keep you warm this winter

All in the webshop so please check it out.

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