30th MINI FAT JAM March 30th 2019 SHOP OPEN: 11:00h-12:30h!

  • Paul de Jong

March 30th 2019 Mini Fat Jam #30!

SHOP ONLY OPEN FROM 11:00h - 12:30h!!!!!

  • Are the trails ready? YES!
  • Do we need help? YES!
  • Can I help? YES!
  • Do you need help on Saturday March 30th? YES! 11:00h at the Trails!
  • Is it hard to help? NO!
  • Can I enter the Jam for free? YES!
  • Is the SUN coming that day? YES!

We are building everyday from now on so bring a shovel and help out master builder Bart de Jong and make
the trails ready again for the 30th year.
Saturday March 30th we start bringing all the equipment to the Sugarhills so if you want to help please
go to Paul's Boutique BMX at 10:00h.
Jam starts at 13:00h with around 16:00h the prize giveaway with nice VANS & FIST Goodies, please
clean up everyting after 18:00h and make your way to OJA at around 20:30h for the afterparty!