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SIMPLE JETSET BARS 8.5in and more new SIMPLE Parts

Simple 8.5 Jetset BarsNew in stock:

- JETSET Bars 8.5in in Chrome
- JETSET Bars 8.5in in 4 colors (see picture)
- EJECT V2 Fronthub 36s Black
- EJECT V2 Cassettehub 36s Black 9T
- SPOKES 184mm or 186mm Black
- KEEP IT SIMPLE T-shirts Black

And check the new Chase Hawk Grips! Animal Pegs & seatpost! Flybikes Stem & Peg!
All t-shirts are online now! New S&M Perfect 10 and Hoder bars really soon!!!


STAY STRONG T-shirts and Grips in stock now:
Click here to check Stay Strong products in our webshop

thumb_Stay-Strong-GripsStay Strong Gripsthumb_Stay_Strong_VisionStay Strong T-shirts


thumb_BSD_PartsBSD is our latest addition to the long list of quality products at Paul's Boutique BMX.
Click here to check BSD products in our webshop

We have these items in stock now:
- BSD Forever Frames Euro 299,95
- BSD Forever 21in Frames Chrome Euro 309,95
- BSD WZA Frames Euro 299,95
- BSD Highlander Bars in Black Euro 64,95
- BSD Highlander Bars in Chrome Euro 74,95
- BSD Chainrings 25t Euro 49,95
- BSD Frontload and Topload stems in Black and Polish Euro 62,50
- BSD Female Front Hubs 36s in Black and Polish Euro 62,50
- BSD Female Rear Hubs 36s RHD in Black and Polish Euro 159,95
- BSD Female Rear Hubs 36s LHD in Black Euro 159,95
- BSD Ghetto V2 Forks 10mm in Black and Chrome Euro 129,95
- BSD Hubguards Euro 22,50
- BSD Sticker Packs Euro 4,95
- BSD Titanium Axle 48 Spline (Profile/SNAFU/WTP etc) Euro 114,95
- BSD Skeet Street Seat Euro 29,95
- BSD Smoke Race Seat Euro 27,95

New website with webshop

PB-Parts-cornerWelcome to our new website with webshop! In our webshop we have added all of our products, complete with pictures, options and a special page with all the products we have on sale.

Just check it out, select your favorite products and add them online to your shopping cart.

And please let me know if you are missing information, have comments or just need assistance: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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